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What is really inevi­table about digital change?

Inevi­table – What is really inevi­table about digital change? “Inevi­ta­bility in the digital realm is the result of momentum of an ongoing techno­lo­gical shift.“ Based on this thesis statement, Wired Magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly identifies unavo­idable trends in his book “The Inevi­table — Under­standing The 12 Techno­lo­gical Forces. Indeed, there seems to be little doubt about the […]

Strategic raw materials and sustaina­bility

Using raw materials in new ways offers intere­sting oppor­tu­nities such as: Cost reduction by increased material efficiency Reduction of emissions Reduction of strategic bottlenecks and depen­dencies through substi­tution Compe­titive advan­tages through sustainable product design and new product functions The lowering of environ­mental impact In the project, we developed attractive options for action and new business […]

Orgatec 2012

Under the motto: “Future | Work | Room — 2030: New Perspec­tives for the Working World of Tomorrow” future_bizz presented itself at an own booth at ORGATEC 2012 Basis was a compre­hensive knowledge base prepared in advance in coöpe­ration with members of our network inclusing Bayer Materi­al­Sciene, Durable, Hettich and REHAU as well as the project partners Tieto […]

Identi­fi­cation and description of milieu groups (Story Groups)

Identi­fi­cation and description of key social groups (milieu groups) in Europe in 2020 Estimation of the percentage of social groups in the total population Detailed description of selected milieu groups in terms of living and neces­sities of life based on indivi­dua­lized protago­nists (story­groups, repre­sen­ta­tives of target groups Description of life situa­tions of the protago­nists in […]

Important trends in the building sector

Overview of the important market and technology trends in the building sector with including influ­encing factors, sources and case studies. Forecasts of develo­p­ments on a time scale Overview of the Research landscape in the areas of building and urban develo­pment Future houses of the past: Goals, concepts, influ­encing factors and Impact on the housing sector Overview […]