Beyond megacities — Megatrend “Urbaniz­ation”

The develo­pment of urban centers and struc­tures is one of the megatrends that will parti­cu­larly impact the way people live in the future. Depending on regional and cultural circum­stances, this does not only apply to the develo­pment of megacities, but to all forms of urbaniz­ation.

The megatrend of urbaniz­ation is closely linked to a number of other trends that are not only related to new forms of urban culture, but also to many other aspects of how we live and work. Here, some keywords are “urban farming”, urban industries, trans­por­tation of people and goods as well as “urban mining”. This also includes the design of material cycles as a logistical task as well as the effective use of resources and raw materials.

In an orien­tation project, the future_bizz community examined the develo­p­ments from different perspec­tives and derived insights for New Business Develo­pment.

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