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So, you have a stroke of genius. And what’s next?

There are so many innovators who give birth to a breakthrough idea only to realize that the hardest part is yet to come. It is one thing to have an eureka moment (or develop, for example, an innovative business model in a syste­matic FEI process), and another to make your organiz­ation find your innovation as striking as […]

Megatrend inter­con­nec­tivity: the conse­quences for companies

Inter­con­nec­tivity is incre­a­singly impacting businesses and consumers at various levels. The spectrum of possi­bi­lities ranges from connected products, production processess and facilities to the inter­con­nection of people in all profes­sional and private environ­ments. The project “Digital Living” helps gain a compre­hensive overview of develo­p­ments and conse­quences for companies. They are discussed and illumi­nated from different angles. […]

Beyond megacities — Megatrend “Urbaniz­ation”

The develo­pment of urban centers and struc­tures is one of the megatrends that will parti­cu­larly impact the way people live in the future. Depending on regional and cultural circum­stances, this does not only apply to the develo­pment of megacities, but to all forms of urbaniz­ation. The megatrend of urbaniz­ation is closely linked to a number of […]