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Project “Technical Textiles”

Technical textiles are materials with special technical and functional properties and that meet precisely defined specific requi­re­ments. Although aesthetic and decorative features do not play a relevant role here, an incre­asing number of products provide a combi­nation of functional and decorative properties. The spectrum of charac­te­ri­stics, benefits and appli­ca­tions includes: Improved strength, perfor­mance or other properties of […]

Strategic raw materials and sustaina­bility

Using raw materials in new ways offers intere­sting oppor­tu­nities such as: Cost reduction by increased material efficiency Reduction of emissions Reduction of strategic bottlenecks and depen­dencies through substi­tution Compe­titive advan­tages through sustainable product design and new product functions The lowering of environ­mental impact In the project, we developed attractive options for action and new business […]