“Care”: Exploring innovation potential for new business areas

Redefining “Care” opens up untapped innovation potential and growth areas for many industries, going far beyond health, care and wellness.

    • “Care” is changing our working world the specific needs of highly diver­sified age groups.
    • Furthermore, it is changing our requi­re­ments on essential goods and products as well as on our living environ­ments.
    • “Care” has a personal, social and cultural impact on the genera­tions concerned as well as the following ones.

Being an essential factor for maintaining health, vitality and wellbeing, “care” is driven by trends like demographic develo­pment, self-quanti­fying / self-surveil­lance and incraesing requi­re­ments of the working world.

Within the scope of the future_bizz project “Care”, we jointly explored untapped innovation potential for new business areas and laid the foundation for value creation networks that are designed to realize this potential. Here we’ve put a strong focus on developing a knowledge base by assessing and evaluating current develo­p­ments, trends and abilities of the companies involved in the project. In the following project phases, we will work out options of action and approaches for the creation of innovative business ideas.