Future images 2020

In a series of projects, we shed a light on the trend area of digital living from different angles. Our starting point were two scenario studies on how people will live and work in 20202030. In subse­quent working steps, we examined this topic in a more detailed and incre­a­singly diffe­ren­tiated manner.

Among others, we created in a compre­hensive design study over 80 ideas on future living, of which 15 ideas were secured by companies involved in the project. From 4 concepts, products were developed that have since been launched on the market. Within the scope of the project “Future Living 2020”, we develoed future scenarios on how people will probably live and work in 2020 in Europe. The scenarios include:

• Living environ­ments, like i.e. homes
• Further forms of living environment
• Individual mobility
• Forms of employment, leisure activities, forms of living together
• Political, economic and social condi­tions
Our work was was based on available future studies, trend analyzes, further studies and extensive research-based analyses.
As a result, there are the following modules available:
• A scenario study
• Visua­liz­ation of the scenarios / animated CD
• Compre­hensive future images
• A navigator for monitoring change processes

The scenario study was updated after five years and projected to 2030. Here, we could identify various diffe­rences resp. simila­rities in compa­rison with the “Future Living 2020” study. We extended the study by the topic areas “Environment and Resources” and “Working Worlds” in order to create consi­stent visions of the future.

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Identi­fi­cation and description of milieu groups (Story Groups)

Identi­fi­cation and description of key social groups (milieu groups) in Europe in 2020

    • Estimation of the percentage of social groups in the total population
    • Detailed description of selected milieu groups in terms of living and neces­sities of life based on indivi­dua­lized protago­nists (story­groups, repre­sen­ta­tives of target groups
    • Description of life situa­tions of the protago­nists in the form of creative stories as a basis for the further visua­liz­ation of living environ­ments

Project outcomes:

    • Report: Overview diagram of milieu groups
    • Profiles of milieu groups
    • Report: Survey of living condi­tions of the protago­nists from the different mileu groups
    • Five stories (creative sketches of life situa­tions) of the protago­nists in text form / as audiobook </ li>
    • Publi­ca­tions: R. Burgard (ed.) ” Standards of the Future — Residential Designed “, Springer Verlag, Vienna 2008

Important trends in the building sector

Overview of the important market and technology trends in the building sector with including influ­encing factors, sources and case studies.

  • Forecasts of develo­p­ments on a time scale
  • Overview of the Research landscape in the areas of building and urban develo­pment
  • Future houses of the past: Goals, concepts, influ­encing factors and Impact on the housing sector
  • Overview of experi­mental homes and today’s future home visions

Project results: