Identi­fi­cation and description of milieu groups (Story Groups)

Identi­fi­cation and description of key social groups (milieu groups) in Europe in 2020

    • Estimation of the percentage of social groups in the total population
    • Detailed description of selected milieu groups in terms of living and neces­sities of life based on indivi­dua­lized protago­nists (story­groups, repre­sen­ta­tives of target groups
    • Description of life situa­tions of the protago­nists in the form of creative stories as a basis for the further visua­liz­ation of living environ­ments

Project outcomes:

    • Report: Overview diagram of milieu groups
    • Profiles of milieu groups
    • Report: Survey of living condi­tions of the protago­nists from the different mileu groups
    • Five stories (creative sketches of life situa­tions) of the protago­nists in text form / as audiobook </ li>
    • Publi­ca­tions: R. Burgard (ed.) ” Standards of the Future — Residential Designed “, Springer Verlag, Vienna 2008