Methods by future_bizz

Networking, focuses, platforms

Focus on three work areas
  • Creation of “Foresight & Future Studies” for gaining future knowledge and identi­fying relevant trends and develo­p­ments.

  • Develo­pment of business ideas and value creation models within the scope of “Business Creation and Trans­for­mation” projects.
  • Regular exchange on methods, processes and organiz­a­tional develo­pment issues in the area of innovation management and new business develo­pment to build and increase “Innovation Excel­lence”.

Projects, workshops, and use of Social Media
  • Projects for developing the future_bizz knowledge bases in strategic areas of innovation
  • Update workshops and social media groups for the conti­nuous maintai­nance of strategic areas of innovation
  • Topic-based workshops for developing metho­dical knowledge and provinding first access to new topics
  • Focal projects and cocreation workshops on topics selected by future_bizz members including profes­sional advise and support
  • Networking via Social Media

4 steps towards forward-thinking business ideas

Future_bizz projects follow four successive steps, which are reference models for a front-end of innovation process. They are recur­sevely passed through.

The concrete design and array depends on the objec­tives and degrees of maturity of projects. Methods used in the reference models are conti­nuously developed by future_bizz, checked for usability and imple­mented via standard proce­dures and tools.

The precom­pe­titive findings from the projects are evaluated jointly by the members and used as basis for the develo­pment of new business ideas in the members’ companies and organiz­a­tions.