Project “Technical Textiles”

Technical textiles are materials with special technical and functional properties and that meet precisely defined specific requi­re­ments.

Although aesthetic and decorative features do not play a relevant role here, an incre­asing number of products provide a combi­nation of functional and decorative properties. The spectrum of charac­te­ri­stics, benefits and appli­ca­tions includes:

  • Improved strength, perfor­mance or other properties of materials and products, such as e.g. through embedded cord inlays in car tires
  • Use as working materials for products such as e.g. filters or sieve belts in paper machines
  • Technical textiles as stand-alone for building e.g. stadium roofs or air bags

Technical textiles are used in many industries. Currently, the market is constantly growing and strongly associated with product innovation. Non-woven fabrics play a signi­ficant role due to their large number of appli­cation possi­bi­lities in many techno­logies.

The future_bizz project “Technical Textiles” was designed to pool profound knowledge about the topic, trends and poten­tials of the materials, as well as to develop new appli­cation possi­bi­lities and business oppor­tu­nities.