Topic areas and fields of work

Studies of the future, trends analyses, creative solutions

Future_bizz projects are designed and evaluated on the basis of studies of the future and trend analyzes, as well as creative concepts and solutions.

By combining cross-industry skills and abilities, we identify new, innovative and undetected areas of growth and business options. In doing so, we put a strong focus on areas of innovation that are of strategic importance. These are charac­te­rized by their potential for future growth and game-changing innovation.



What new insights, means, tools and methods can we use to implement techno­lo­gical innova­tions in organi­sa­tions, companies, and sectors? Find out more here.>Blog posts


What innova­tions and trends are occupying companies, and what should organiz­a­tions prepare themselves for in order to remain efficient and compe­titive in the future? Read more. >Blog posts


What’s new from the world of innovators, technology pioneers and companies with business models that will change the way we live, interact and work tomorrow? Read more about it. >Blog posts



The reinter­pre­tation of “Care” opens up unexpected potential for innovation and new fields of growth, going beyond the topics of health care, wellness, nursing, and caregiving. >Blog posts


In a series of projects, we investi­gated this whole area of trends from different perspec­tives. As a result, we developed exciting design studies and gained inspiring insights. >Blog posts


At future_bizz, we dedicated various projects to current develo­p­ments in the working world of today. They resulted in draft visions of future workplaces. >Blog posts


In an orien­tation project, we explored this topic area from most diverse perspec­tives with our community. In doing so, we gained valuable insights into how to develop new business models. >Blog posts


Learn more about smart materials, techno­logies and methods of material processing as well as the necessity for sustainable use of resources as drivers of innovation. >Blog posts


A new project on how inter­con­nected­ness is affecting our lives, the design of products, or the organiz­ation of work – as well as on the oppor­tunities of develop­ments. >Blog posts