Working Worlds 2030

Our working world is under­going a dramatic change. Here, drivers are, among others, techno­lo­gical develo­pment and social change. In various projects, future_bizz has dealt with this develo­pment and created images of the workplace of the future.

The project “Working Worlds 2030” identified impulses for the develo­pment of innovative business ideas and the creation of future jobs. In this context, we consi­dered new types of organiz­ation and work equipment, interior design objects, recom­men­da­tions on interior design and room acoustics, as weell as instru­ments for commu­ni­cation and coöpe­ration.

The basis for this was the studies “Scenario Future Living 2030”, “Working Worlds 2030” and “Struc­tures and Processes of the Future Working Life”, which provide an extensive knowledge base for the creation of future images of working condi­tions, tasks and roles of the employees.

Here, the pivotal questions were:

  • What are the main drivers of job change?
  • How do these changes affect corporate struc­tures and relati­onships between companies?
  • What will work look like in the future?

What oppor­tu­nities for innovative products and services can be developed from these insights? What risks can be identified in relation to the current product and service portfolios or business models of the project partners?